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Emergency Room Redesign Solutions

On October 17th the St. Louis CAPS Medicine, Healthcare, and Bioscience student associates presented their emergency room redesign projects to a panel of medical professionals at St. Anthony’s Mercy.  The program consists of 28 students from four different high schools (Affton, Lafayette, Mehlville, Oakville) and they worked in collaborative teams to complete their emergency room projects.  Their research included visits to three different medical centers, each with different trauma levels and unique demographics, and interviews with various emergency room personnel.


The projects consisted of the following criteria:

  • Location: Select a location for your emergency room (anywhere in the U.S.) and reflect unique features that align with the geographic location.
  • Redesign: Redesign the emergency room and include a detailed drawing with features labeled.
  • Innovate: Identify three pain points within emergency rooms right now and provide innovative solutions.
  • Patient Case Studies: Review two patient case studies and properly apply the Emergency Severity Index (ESI).
  • ER Path: Explain the path through the emergency room that each patient in the case study would follow.