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Activating a Network: Relationships, Trust and Being Selfish

A few months back I authored a blogpost on Getting Smart called The Power of a Network describing the birth of the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) in the heartland and the U.S., a program putting high school students (and their passion and autonomy) first and making authentic professional projects for students the rule rather than the exception.

After launching with around 100 early-adopter students in 2009, the program continues to grow significantly in its footprint, now reaching nearly 1,000 students in the Blue Valley School District. Additionally, the program has become a “north star” for many others, spawning a power consortium called the CAPS Network. As of today, there are 31 program affiliates of the CAPS Network, including 60 school districts across 10 states. This year, the collective programs will reach nearly 10,000 students. Read More.