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Medicine & Healthcare Students Present to Professionals

On Friday, December 16th the STL CAPS students in the medicine and healthcare strand presented their first semester projects to a panel of medical professionals and mentors from St. Anthony’s Medical Center.  The audience was also enhanced by the inclusion of staff members from surrounding school districts that are interested in starting a medicine and healthcare CAPS program strand.  Prior to the presentations, the students engaged in a professional luncheon with their mentors and guests.  Students were able to demonstrate the professional skills and etiquette expected in this type of workplace.  See below for a list of presentation topics and team members.

The project was initiated when the STL CAPS instructor, Tim Knox, asked staff members at St. Anthony’s Medical Center to generate a list of pain points and relevant topics often experienced in hospitals.  The students worked in collaborative teams to research one of the issues from the list and ultimately were charged with developing a solution or solutions that could be deployed.  Each group worked on a different issue and collaborated on multiple occasions with a mentor from St. Anthony’s.  A real-world component that was an intentional part of the project, and makes STL CAPS unique, is that each group was comprised of students that attend different high schools.  Thus, the project activated students from Affton, Mehlville and Oakville high schools working together with medical professionals to solve today’s most common healthcare issues.

In addition to citing research and developing complex solutions, all of the presentations contained a multi media component that exceeded expectations.  For example, one group created and launched a website complete with updated resources that medical professionals can utilize right now.  Other groups were able to construct training videos that illustrated what to do and what not to do when encountering specific situations.  Lastly, there was even a holiday jingle complete with animated characters and catchy lines reminding views how they can prevent falls.  The project scoring guide include categories such as presentation skills, academic content, overall presentation organization, quality of technology integration and preparation.


Empathy & Compassion:  Taking Care of Your Patient and Yourself

  • Olivia Schaffer, Affton High School
  • Sara Tiro, Affton High School
  • Kamran Shaibov, Mehlville High School

Patient Care Team Burnout

  • Aaminah Al-Mosawi, Affton High School
  • Julia Farson, Mehlville High School

Distracted Driver’s Education

  • Natalie Jovanovic, Oakville High School
  • Hannah Lanz, Affton High School

Discharge Nurse Utilization & Potential Benefits

  • Haley Hemmelgarn, Mehlville High School
  • Amber Porter, Oakville High School

Fall Education for Fall Prevention

  • Chloe Cobb, Oakville High School
  • Rahela Kenjar, Mehlville High School