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Blue Valley CAPS students ace the Kansas CNA exam

The results are in for the Kansas State Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam and there are 35 brand new CNAs from Blue Valley CAPS! The Foundations of Medicine II students had a 100% pass rate and their scores were the highest ever for program at CAPS. These students worked intensely all semester long in classroom, lab, and clinical experiences to prepare for and be eligible to sit for their first professional certification test. Their hard work has paid off and door to many more opportunities in healthcare education and employment has been opened!

The Medicine & Healthcare Strand will be hosting a Pinning Ceremony to celebrate 35 new colleagues on Thursday, May 12 at 6 PM. A Pinning Ceremony is a tradition in healthcare – a way to signify completion of a major milestone in education and an opportunity to welcome new graduates to the profession. It is also an opportunity to recognize and thank our essential partners in the educational and clinical process – Johnson County Community College, Village Shalom, and Villa Saint Joseph. We are delighted to celebrate together!

I will close this post by sharing one final student reflection, written at the end of clinicals. Her words capture the deeper meaning of this CNA experience and the bigger picture of embarking on a career in medicine and healthcare. As an instructor and a nurse, to know that this level of compassion and understanding has been reached by my students is the greatest gift of all.

This entire clinical experience has been unbelievably eye-opening and inspiring. I have witnessed some of the most intentional health care given by some of the best individuals, and I have had the pleasure of learning so much more than I could have even expected. Although there are so many lessons I was able to take away from this last month, I have to say that the importance of understanding that health care goes beyond terminology and procedures may be the most crucial of them all. It requires empathy, patience, and compassion, and it cannot be rushed.
– Jordan Serati, PM FOM2 student