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SXSWedu lists CAPS as a school to know about

Blue Valley CAPS is featured as one of the “7 schools you should know about” by SXSWedu.

What happens when you get education enthusiasts from across the country in one crazy, fun and innovative city? You are inspired. You are challenged. You are reinvigorated and most importantly come away from SXSWedu just a little bit smarter.

Whether it was hearing more about the changing trends on college campuses (Grant Hosford, CEO and Founder of codeSpark told us that the single most popular course at Princeton University is now an intro to Computer Science. Dan Leyzberg has redesigned an introductory, flipped model that serves over 40% female students) or learning the three most important techniques of future forecasting and how they may be the new path to building and realizing a new vision for the future of education (if you weren’t on the ground in Austin, check out Jane McGonigal’s keynote) one thing was clear, the future of education is on the minds of some serious movers and shakers and we are excited to see the innovative work of some spread to the masses.

Throughout the week, we heard more about the amazing things happening in schools all over the country. At the close of one session someone asked why can’t we move past the challenges in education and start implementing personalized learning for students now – our response was it’s already happening in ALL types of schools and classrooms around the country!

One of our favorite take-aways from this year’s #SXSWedu is a new group of elementary, middle and high schools and districts to add to our list of sites to visit. Here are a few hidden gems that #SXSWedu attendees want more people to know about. We’ve listed who gave us the hot tip below each school summary.

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